Beyond basic nutrition, nutraceuticals offer potential health benefits. These food-derived substances show promise in preventing or managing chronic diseases. Studies suggest they may improve overall health, slow aging, and support bodily functions. The growing interest in nutraceuticals stems from their potential nutritional, safety, and therapeutic advantages. Recent research on various complications reveals encouraging results for these compounds.

This review explores new uses for nutraceuticals based on their ability to influence disease processes. Specifically, it highlights herbal nutraceuticals that may be effective against difficult-to-treat conditions linked to oxidative stress, such as allergies, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, eye disorders, immune issues, inflammatory diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and obesity. To gather insights, we searched scientific databases like Medline, PubMed, and Google Scholar for recent studies on nutraceuticals as potential alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Our search terms included “nutraceutical” combined with keywords for each specific disease.

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